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Living a Purposeful Life
and Leaving a Powerful Legacy
by Nan Einarson, Mentor Coach
Are you living your life the way you want to?  Do you love the life you are living?  If you live your life in an intentional, purposeful way, you control how you want to live and feel, every moment of every day. 

A purposeful life requires that you have:

*A positive vision for your life, focused on living your life purpose;

*Core beliefs and a values system, which guide your decision and behaviors;

*A personal code of ethics, where values are transformed into deliberate actions;

*Integrity; where deliberate actions are consistently aligned to your values system;

*A Mission Statement and policies for living your best, values-based, purposeful life;

*The desire to make the world a better place for all now, and for generations to come;

*The ability to be mindful of your surroundings, living fully present, in each moment, expressing gratitude for all that you are, have to do, deeply engaged in the beauty and joy of living.

The secret to living an intentional, purposeful life lies in knowing yourself, and in creating those tools that will keep you on track, living with joy.  It's important that they will be written down, and reviewed regularly, incorporated into daily schedules, plans, and actions.  That includes focus on legacy - the footprint that you will leave in this world.  Will your footprint be shallow, one that fades into oblivion, after a brief time, or will it be an imprint that impacts positively on the world, lasting across generations?

As coaches, we want to help others, to be of service to others.  We work with clients to enhance the quality of their lives.  How often do we examine our own lives, to ensure that we are living purposefully, with intention, guided by written vision, values, ethics, and goals?  How often do we stop to consider the legacy we want to leave to our children, grandchildren, and others in the world, for future generations?  What would happen if we invite our clients to live purposeful lives and leave powerful legacies?  
Wouldn't a world of people living on purpose, with the intention of loving life, be an incredible legacy?